If you’re reading this it’s too late YOU’RE CURSED, CONGRATS. Anyone who knows about the game must play or bad things will happen. Don’t panic, I’m working on a guide to help you survive the game. You can sign up for a demo below.


I’m not supposed to help you but I’ll try. Sign up and I’ll send you a demo of my survival guide to try the game.

Late Pledges for my full game guide are now open on Backerkit. You’re going to need it to survive.

Don’t Miss It.


A Legacy Solo Tabletop Roleplaying Game about someone (YOU) who has been cursed to play a game with a mysterious Entity.

Journal, document, create, explore, and scare the #### out of yourself. In a unique experience that takes horror beyond the tabletop.

How Do You Play?

You’ll create a character, then events will start happening. 

The game is simple, an Event happens. You add an entry to your Record about it. Sometimes words, sometimes photos, whatever the Entity asks. 

Finish an event & the Entity will give you another. Over & over until you complete the game and are free, or you lose, and well, then really bad things happen…

Creating A Record

The Entity wants you record your experience while you play with it. Why? Perhaps to proove it exists, or perhaps as a means to spread its game further, who knows?

You’ll create a record as you take part in Events. Sometimes the Entity will instruct you to create Artifacts. These are manifestations of the horror you’re experiencing.

Artifacts could be photos of abandoned buildings, scrawled messages from a stranger, recordings of strange noises. Whatever they are they should be collected and stored in your Record. Because if you die, the game isn’t over, someone else will find it and start a new game.

Try To Stay Sane.

This game will be challenging. I’ve included tools in my demo to keep you safe. Late pledges are now open for my full guide ‘Don’t Play This Game’. It has everything you need to know to fight back against the Entity.

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